Sunday, October 04, 2009

I know they're just things, but...


Just a few hours ago, I headed out to run an errand for my husband. He was in the midst of trying to stop the air flow in our leaking windows (which need replaced after 25 years) and required some additional items for this massive weather-stripping project.

I hustled to apply my make up on and comb my hair so I could drive to Daleville and back. I had a number of activities to take care of myself, and my lengthy to-do list was on my mind.

I raised the garage door and began backing out.

I glanced in the rear view mirror just in time to see something there that shouldn't have been, but not quickly enough.


I stopped the Camry immediately; the door was at the garage door entrance and it was all I could do to slip out. I called out my husband's name as I exited the car.

My husband's motorcycle, his most precious baby, lay on its side in the gravel driveway.

He came running from the front of the house and dropped to his knees beside it, looking crushed. My heart broke because he loves his motorcycle. I had ruined it.

I helped him lift the bike; we found a broken signal light, a broken clutch thing, scratches.

My Camry sustained damage on the back bumper, which is a solid piece that goes all the way around the car. The driver's side is completely staved in and the whole bumper will have to be replaced.

Several thousand dollars in damage, all because he didn't put the motorcycle away and I didn't see it when I backed up. The Camry has a spoiler on it and I have trouble seeing things that are low to the ground behind it. What caught my eye just before I hit the bike was a reflection on the side mirror, I think.

I accept the blame for not looking, though surely he has just a little responsibility for leaving it out and in the driveway, doesn't he?

Insurance will fix the car with a deductible. My husband says the motorcycle's damage is not bad enough to submit to the insurance company.

What an unlucky start to the day.


  1. Oh... darn, but they are only things. Hubby has been driving his Camry with a pounded out dent on the side for a few years now. He had just a few months prior had ANOTHER accident and so we did not want to submit another claim. He doesn't mind the dent because a car is 'just a thing' and would rather keep the money in his pocket since it does not affect the drive ability factor of the car. The car is 10 years old so... BAH... who cares. Sorry to hear this happened though. What a bummer.


  2. Sorry :( At least it was not a major accident. With that said, a couple of years ago my son pulled into our garage and took part of it and my van with him. I wasn't mad at him but rather my husband. My son was only 14 with little driving experience.

  3. Ouch. I sympathise. I am hopeless at backing anyway. I have been known to back into my house! My salvation has been parking sensors, but even so I have had too close encounters with walls, rocks etc. I am pretty reliable driving forwards, however.

  4. Blind spots are horrible on cars, etc. I am so afraid of missing something when backing up in parking lots. Sorry for you...glad it's no worse!

  5. Oh dear...I'm so sorry about your mishap. I know how distressing that must have been. It does seem that modern cars have less visibility. I can't really see all that well with my Camry when backing.

  6. Isn't that just an awful feeling? I've had my share of mishaps (backing into other cars, into parking garage pillars, etc) and it's hard to deal with the shock and the cost! I'm glad no one was hurt and all that damage is fixable. Bet your hubby never parks there again :)

  7. These things happen. Dents are painful. I've forgotten to put down my kick stand so that the bike fell. I've had to replace signal light, clutch, gear shift, and touch up scratches. Painful, but no big deal. If he gets upset you can tell him that at least he was not on it at the time! :D

  8. I hate when that happens. When you get accident with both your vehicles susceptible to damage. I also dented my husband's truck this year. He didn't care, but I did!


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