Thursday, May 21, 2009

What is it?

The other day I spied a doe laying in the field in the front.

I grabbed the camera, and about that time the phone rang.

As I stood snapping pictures, I saw something in the background. Since it was my husband on the phone, I explained to him I saw an animal I couldn't identify.

When I downloaded the pictures last night, I blew up the distant critter to see if I could tell what it was.

I'm pretty sure that is a BEAR!


  1. GRRRRRR. Do you think his mama kicked him out? I think it's a bear too,

  2. Looks like a bear to me. Seems to be a lot of bears out and about lately.

    Or maybe it's Bigfoot?

  3. Eeeekkk! A bear. I think I like Becky's idea- Bigfoot (hehe)

  4. I thought it was a groundhog at first....haha. But yea, it does look like a bear! I hope that deer knows not to lounge there anymore.

  5. Looks like he's sneaking up on the fawn!

    See what you get to see now that you're home?

  6. It looks like a bear to me! Be beary careful!


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