Monday, June 02, 2008

Books: Home to Big Stone Gap

Home to Big Stone Gap
By Adriana Trigiani
Copyright 2007
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This fourth book in the Big Stone Gap series does not disappoint.

Ava Maria must resign herself now to empty nest syndrome, since Etta is married and living in Italy. She turns her attention to her husband Jack, only to find that things aren't so well with him. He is getting older.

She also learns her best friend has kept an important secret from her. Ava Maria continues to grow as a person and as a character, and the book will make you smile and shed a tear, maybe at the same time.

I greatly recommend this entire to southwestern Virginia readers. You'll feel right at home.

I am not sure who read the library version of this audiobook, and I turned it in without writing down the name. However, unlike the first three I listened to, this narrator was not Trigiani herself. This was disappointing because the author has a familiar southwestern Virginia drawl that I enjoy listening to. However, whoever read what I listened to did not do a bad job. She just didn't have the accent.

4 stars


  1. I also LOVED this book. Big Stone Gap will be made into a movie soon too. I think her website informed that it will be filmed this summer and fall. I look forward to it!!

  2. omg. is this a new one? the first couple were good then i just got tired.


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