Sunday, August 19, 2018

Sunday Stealing

Sunday Stealing

1. Name three fears.

A. Fear of being homeless, fear of being left behind, fear of losing my mind.

2. Name three things you love.

A. My husband, my other family members, my technological gadgets.

3. Name four turn-ons.

A. I am turned on by stimulating intelligent conversation, chocolate, learning, and music.

4. Name four turn-offs.

A. I am turned off by people who don't bathe, certain foods, snakes, and anger.

5. Who is your best friend?

A. I have several close friends. I don't like to name just one; someone might be hurt by that.

6. Name your favorite book.

A. Lord of the Rings

7. Tell about your best first date.

A. My best first date was with my husband. We met at a football game (Lord Botetourt v. James River, 1982), and we were underneath the goal posts watching the game. We weren't actually on a date. Our friends had maneuvered us so that we met. We went dancing after the game. Since I have been married to him for 35 years, it must have went well.

8. How tall are you?

A. I am 5' 2" tall.

9. What do you miss?

A. I miss my grandmother a great deal. We talked on the phone a lot and sometimes when I am feeling very lonely I wish I still had her to call.

10. What time were you born?

A. I was born on a day when the world was standing still while spring began its sojourn into summer, under the sign of Gemini.

11. What is your favorite color?

A. My favorite color is blue.

12. Do you have a crush on anyone?

A. No.

13. What is your favorite quote?

A. "Not all those who wander are lost." J.R. R. Tolkien

14. What is your favorite place?

A. My home.

15. What is your favorite food?

A. Chocolate. That technically is not a food, but what the hey.

16. Do you use sarcasm?

A. Oh right. Like I would ever use sarcasm to make a point. What do you think I am, a pencil?

17. What are you listening to right now?

A. The sound of silence, aside from the pecking sound my fingers make when they hit my keyboard.

18.  What is the first thing you notice when you meet someone new?

A. Their posture.

19. What is your eye color?

A. Hazel, but my eyes are liked cracked ice.

20. What is your hair color?

A. Brown and "soft white."


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  1. I miss my grandparents too. I used to visit them in the summer and on holidays. My Granie made holidays so special. I miss my dad too. I enjoyed your answers!

  2. #16. hahahahaha... 👍 And I loved the Tolkien quote.
    My grandmother's and mother's eyes were crystalline blue..
    Chocolate has it's own food group, yes? So, of course it's food.
    Hope you have a lovely day.

  3. #18 - that's my answer, too!

    I dream of my grandparents frequently. As I get older, I miss them more it seems.

  4. Ugh! I have to agree with you on people who don't bathe after today. We went to an indoor flea market and I was stuck in a small area for a few minutes with a very stinky man. But, oh YES!, to stimulating conversation. Neither my husband or my kids are conversationalists. It drives me batty. A good conversation is better than Christmas some days.

  5. What enjoyable answers! My youngest Granddaughter has the most beautiful blue eyes and red hair. Quite the combination! Have a great week!

  6. I think a repeat or combo repeat has occurred. But all the same... my best first date. We went for pizza and drove around town talking. He showed me where he worked,(was so proud, rightfully so), talked about family, told funny stories and was extremely charming. I loved that it was just us talking and reminiscing together . Truly getting to know each other. Not pUtting on errs. We were suppose to go to a movie next date. That would have been fantastic! I never been to the movies on a date! . After our first date I remember thinking , finally... God really does answer prayers.
    I was born in the early hours of the morning as the stars go to sleep and the moon starts to fade to the sunshine of the new day. In the age of Aquarius.


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