Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Read Local at the Salem Museum

Saturday the Salem Museum in Salem, VA hosted a "read local" event featuring multiple local authors. I ventured out to visit with some old friends and see what the writing community has been up to since my byline disappeared from the newspaper.

This is my pal Peggy Shifflett. She writes Appalachian history books
that detail her life in the hills near Harrisonburg. (I edited two
of her books.) You can find her books on Amazon.

Becky Musko is well known in the writing community. She had four of her books for sale. Her website is We go back a long way.

Liz Long was new to me, but she has authored several books set in the Roanoke area. Her website is

Francis Curtis Barnhart, also new to me, offered readers a memoir called
The Beauty of Impermanence. Her website is

Fred Eichelman offered up some sci-fi and memoir. He has a website at

Just an overview shot. The author was talking so I moved on.

Betsy Ashton is my friend on Facebook, and now we have met in real life.

These are Betsy's Mad Max books. She told me they were about a woman of a certain age (approximately mine) who solves mysteries. Her website is

Just a shot of some folks looking at the books. They had a good crowd.

Diane Fanning writes true crime and mysteries. Her website is I am not sure, but I think Ms.Fanning and I corresponded on AOL or a bulletin board about 25 years ago. I remember doing some messaging with a local true crime writer who wouldn't reveal her name at the time. Maybe she remembers?

Michael Abraham has been widely acclaimed for his recent book, Chasing the
Powhatan Arrow, which is about a train. He has several other books as well. His website is

My old friend George Kegley was there to represent the Historical Society of Western Virginia.
Mr. Kegley and I go way back as he was a source for many of my articles for the newspapers. He
flattered, embarrassed, and humbled me by calling me the "scribe of Botetourt" when he
saw me. You can visit for more information.

Neil Sagebiel is the author of several books about legendary golf figures.
His website is

Peggy Wade is the author of In Full Armor, the Life of Clifford Frith, a biography about
her father. I wrote an article on Mrs. Wade for the newspaper some years ago.
Her book is available on Amazon.

There were many other writers there, too. I thought it was a nice event and I hope the authors sold many books. It is great to support local folks, so check out some of these websites and give a local writer a hand.


  1. Gonna check out the memoir on impermanence. Neil is a Floydian.

  2. That was not me, Anita! 25 years ago, I was working at a non-profit in Texas and had no idea that I would ever be the author of any books. It wasn't until August 2001 that I stumbled across a story that I felt compelled to write. That month, I signed with my agent, Jane Dystel and have been with her ever since.
    Glad to have met you Saturday.


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