Monday, July 25, 2016

Our Great Outing

With temperatures roaming around near 100 degrees over the last several days, the air is tough to breathe and working outside near impossible.

So Saturday my husband took a rare day off from working on the farm. We took a drive.

This is us, getting ready to head out. My husband has a dip
of chewing tobacco in his mouth. Sigh.

This used to the Roanoke County Courthouse, but it is
now part of Roanoke College.

We ate lunch at Macados in Salem. They have good
chicken salad. While we were there, we watched a parade
of vehicles with confederate flags and other decorations
go by.

This is downtown Salem, or what's left of it. I remember it
differently than what it looks like now.

This is the ponds in Salem. I caught a big catfish in there
once during a fishing rodeo.

No trip is complete without a stop at Walmart for something.

Heading into Elliston, the Blue Jay Motel greets travelers.
I always take a picture of it because my great Aunt Ruth and
Uncle Ted once managed the place. Best blueberry pancakes ever.

Christiansburg means cars. We checked on the new Camrys.
Not impressed enough to trade in my 2014.

We drove through Christiansburg downtown.

We came across a car show.

We did not get out because it was really hot.

We went into this store to see if they had any chair
end tables. They did not have what we wanted.

This is what we went to look at it. Yes, junk.

Farm junk. Pieces of stuff that mean nothing to me.

The stuff does, however, mean something to my husband. But
he did not find what he wanted on this day.

And that was that. I slept most of the way home. I don't do well on long adventures anymore. We were out about five hours, I suppose.

Our great outing.

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