Monday, May 02, 2016

Moving a Tree Limb

The other night, a very large dead limb fell from one of our trees in the backyard. It landed standing up, like a tree itself, leaning against its former owner and another tree.

We could not leave it there for fear it would fall on someone's head.

So hubby brought up the backhoe.

Hubby on backhoe getting ready to attack tree limb.

He moved the backhoe bucket ever so gently, like a mother cat stroking her young.

He moved the bucket and pushes on the limb.

The limb caught on another tree, of course. So he lowered the bucket and lifted from the end of the branch.

Tada! The big branch is down on the ground, ready to be sawed up and placed on the wood pile.


  1. Aren't you thankful for the backhoe to do that work?!

  2. These storms always bring extra work for our husbands. Nice that you have a backhoe!


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