Monday, January 25, 2016

It Snowed.

The snow began in the wee hours of Friday morning (January 15) and continued into Saturday. We ended up with 14 inches. It could have been a lot worse - West Virginia received 40" in some places.

Anyway, here photos of the event.

Not quite 14" when I measured, but we had a bit more snow later.

It did not stay on the trees long: wind.

It makes for high snow banks when you shovel.

Some of these I took out the window.

Whatever the weather, my front view is a beauty.

Side shot out window.

Out the back door.

Deer needed to find something to eat.

Clean up crew. (Thanks husband.)

This one used its nose to borrow down for grass.
Sunday, things started clearing up.

Big piles of snow.

Still beautiful.

Love my Blue Ridge Mountains.


  1. Just beautiful scenes every which way you look. You must love living where you do!! I would.

  2. Wonderful. We haven't seen snow this year in this area. But with these photo's I can dream a year more. Thanks!

  3. Beautiful scenery. Love the deer with snow-covered face!


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