Thursday, December 31, 2015

Thursday Thirteen - New Year's Eve

So another year over, another year gone! A new one beginning at the break of dawn. Farewell 2015, welcome 2016 - may all of your hearts be light with joy and prosperity.

I'm late today getting to Thursday 13 - my computer decided this morning to go down and it took some time to get it back (and then the power went out while I was in the middle of writing this). Perhaps one of the worst things, for me, about 2015 has been Windows 10. It has certainly taken up a lot of energy and time that I really didn't have to give.

But onward and upward, as they say. And then with it being New Year's Eve, what will I write about today?

1. So far, I have not made any resolutions for the New Year. I've not thought about it at all.

Has absolutely nothing to do with this post.

2. Some years I choose a power word, but I haven't done that, either. I think if I choose one, it might HEALTHY. But I'm still thinking on it.

3. Yesterday, as the year came to a close, I found that my health is still bad enough that I am still unable to go out and "do" a story as a news reporter. In the effort, I learned that I really don't want to go do them anymore, actually, which was a revelation. I thought I'd never stop wanting to do that but its allure has vanished. Maybe that's because of my health but I think instead maybe I've just grown apart from it. So I think I will be spending 2016 figuring out what it is I want to do with the next five years of my life.

Hollins University. Also nothing to do with this post.

4. I also reaffirmed something yesterday that I already knew - I really don't fit in. I'm an introvert, and while I need an occasional outing, I am not good in groups. That is why being a news reporter worked for me for 30 years. I could be involved yet not be involved. I sat on the sidelines and watched, and then provided information for others. It was a way to teach but not actually stand in front of a classroom.

5. My next phase of life should involve something sort of like #4 - a way to work but not be overly involved. Volunteering has always sounded good and I have done it in the past, but for unknown (at least to me) reasons I tend to rise to the top of the groups. I find myself being nominated for office. Then I am named Secretary or Press Relations or some such, when really all I want to do is attend the meetings, meet and greet, and leave. I have been known to drop out of organizations after being pressed by one person or another to take a leadership role. I don't mind selling the hot dogs but I don't want to be the one organizing the fair.

Trillium. Blooms in April. Also nothing to do with this post.

6. It would be nice to spend more time with friends and family. I am not actually expecting that to happen. Everyone has their lives.

7. Perhaps I should learn something new - take some free classes, or set up my own version of a course in something I'm interested in and watch lots of TED talks or YouTube videos or whatever I can find on the subject. That might be fun.
Bear photographed in 2009. And nothing to do with this post.

8. Maybe, given all the issues I have had with Windows 10, I should take computer programming. :-)

9. Coloring is something I hope to do a lot of. Several people gave me coloring books for Christmas. Very nice books, about mythical places or fairy forests or wizardry. Fantasy elements that interest me. I find it meditative so one thing I plan to do is clear a spot in my office where I can do that daily.
Black swan, 2010. Also nothing to do with this post.

10. This is not a resolution but a must: I need to stay on top of our bookkeeping records better.

11. It would be nice if we could have world peace and hope, but I don't see it coming. I will hope, though, that in 2016 people can be less afraid and a little nicer.

Rainbow 2011. Also nothing to do with this post.

12. Laughter and music are good sounds, ones that I need to hear more of.

13. And I'm looking forward to Downton Abby.

Happy New Year! Thank you for reading Blue Country Magic!


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  1. OMG! Did I write this? I really relate especially to your first few #s (3 and 4). I think a power word is a resolution I could handle. I don't want to work that much. News stories are hard. But they get me out and engaged. Otherwise I might be a hermit!

  2. I am an introvert and am ready to take an early retirement. Tired of teaching...I like the, " I have grown apart from it", statement. That is me, in a sense. Or maybe, I am just getting older.

  3. I'm also an introvert who tends to rise to the top of organizations. Most the time I get dragged in willingly. However, when the PTA expected me to put in over twenty hours of volunteer work per week with neither authority nor compensation, I called it quits with volunteering.

  4. Sorry to hear your health has not improved much. I hope you enjoy your coloring books -- we sold a TON of them at the craft shop last month, and are slowly starting to replenish our supply of books and colored pencils. I am also an introvert, which is one good benefit of the new part-time job, in that it forces me to talk to people. Still, there are days when I'm happy to just stock shelves so as not to interact with people quite as much.


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