Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Found Film

Last week, as I sifted through a drawer, I ran across a roll of undeveloped film. I knew it was old because I haven't used a film camera in many years. I am sure I've stumbled over it before but for some reason, this time I picked it up and took it to CVS to have it developed.

After I looked at the pictures when I picked them up Saturday, I determined the photos were taken around the time of my mother's funeral, which would have been late August, 2000.

I don't think I took them - I know I didn't take all of them, because I am in some of them. I doubt I would have been in the frame of mind to take pictures that day. Somehow I ended up with this film. Maybe someone was using my camera.

Unfortunately, apparently the film had a light leak and most (but not all) of the pictures had a big green streak through them. The film was also old and I suspect that had something to do with the quality. By transferring them to black and white on the computer, I was able to get the pictures to come out a little better. They're still pretty grainy, though.

Based on this experience, any other rolls of film I come across I shall have developed immediately. Time does not seem to be kind to this medium.

My great-aunt, Neva, and my grandmother, Melba.
From left: Uncle Butch, Uncle Jerry, Uncle Junior, Aunt Carolyn, Uncle Peanut (Melvin); bottom, Aunt Neva and Grandma.
From left: Aunt Neva, Cousin Leann, Cousin Michelle, Me, Michelle's daughter Ashleigh (I think), my grandmother, and Michelle's daughter Kelsey (I think).
Aunt Neva, Aunt Sherry, Uncle Jerry, their daughter Sara, Grandma.
Aunt Neva, Cousin Michelle, Cousin Leanne, Cousin Michelle's husband whose name escapes me at the moment, Aunt Jennifer, Uncle Peanut, Grandma, and Kelsey (I think).
Aunt Neva, Aunt Pam, Uncle Junior, and Grandma.
Uncle Jerry, Uncle Junior, Uncle Peanut, Uncle Butch.
Uncle Butch, Uncle Peanut, Uncle Junior, Uncle Jerry.
Aunt Neva, Me, my husband, and Grandma.

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