Monday, October 05, 2015

Charleston Trip - Part 6

I am stunned at the news photos of flooding in Charleston. It is hard to believe I was there only 10 days ago. The rains began the day we left. I feel sure the area I am about to show is completely underwater at the moment. I am sorry for the folks who are having to deal with this terrible situation.

One of our favorite outings was a visit to the Charles Towne Landing State Historic Site.  This is the original location where English settlers landed and set up camp, so to speak, in 1670. They remained in this spot for 10 years before abandoning it for the peninsula that is now Charleston. The park was very picturesque and the exhibits informative.

Husband at the entrance to the visitors center.

Interesting map that shows early European settlements on North America

A model of the ship that took them across the sea.

Inside exhibits showing English settlers meeting Native Americans.

Information about slavery in South Carolina.

Dearest husband looking at an exhibit.

The park grounds were beautiful and well kept.

An animal park was available, but it was a long walk so we did not venture there.

Backside of the wooden palisade around the settlement.

A beautiful expanse of cypress trees.

An incredibly old oak tree.

Another old tree. (I wonder if it lost its limb in this flooding. I hope not.)

A rendition of a boat that was used to bring merchandise to the settlement.

Boat innards.

Our guide on the little boat.

The marsh around which the park was situated.

Cannons on the battlement for protection.

A common house used for many different activities.

A little shed made of sticks.

Our guide around the settlement in the palisade area.
If this hasn't flooded out entirely, I suggest a visit to this park if you vacation in Charleston. This was such a lovely and quiet spot that I didn't want to leave.


  1. It amazes me that those small wooden ships survived trips across the Atlantic Ocean. WOW!

  2. Great photos, Anita. Looks like an interesting place to visit. So sad to see the devastation the Carolinas have suffered these past couple weeks -- and they're not out of the woods yet.


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