Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday Stealing: Colorful Meme

From Sunday Stealing

Colorful Meme

Could you tell me please, what color each of these things are?

~ Your hair: brown with streaks of gray.
Me with my graying head.

~ Your eyes: hazel with iris that look like cracked ice.

~ Your shirt: blue

~ Your socks: white with blue

~ Your shoes: white New Balance all-leather sneakers. Expensive suckers.

~ Your purse: brown

~ Your wallet: brown

~ Your phone: blue

~ Your computer/laptop: black

~ Your earphones: white

~ Your best friend’s hair: One friend has black hair, another has blondish brown, and another has black with gray in it.

~ Your best friend’s eyes: brown, blue, brown

~ Your sky today: it is pouring snow at the rate of 2 inches an hour, so gray and white.


  1. WOW!!! On the snow! You must take pics, would love to see that, I know, shut up Linda, you have your own, grinning. I enjoyed your meme...thanks for the smiles. Blessings

  2. We're actually above zero degrees with sun and blue skies here in Northernmost Maine! Above zero feels so balmy. This winter has been brutal, I'm ready for it do be done. Sounds like you are, too.

  3. We had that kind of snow yesterday morning. And then it got warmer and sunny in the afternoon.The weather this winter has been crazy

  4. Expensive tennis shoes are that way for a good reason. I bet your feet love them. Enjoy the snow and think of the aquifers refilling across most of the continent. Yay! Love you header moonshot btw. Now that's just breathtakingly beautiful.


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