Friday, February 13, 2015

Pictures of My Grandmother

I was deleting some photos from my computer and came across a few I wanted to save. These are of my maternal grandmother, who died in 2007. I print my blog out every few months and so I am putting these here so I can save them forever in that printed version.

My grandmother holding my mother.
From left: my mother, my grandmother, my aunt.
Photo taken at my wedding.
From left: my mother, my great aunt, my grandmother,
my aunt, and my other great aunt (sitting).
My grandmother with my niece.

My grandmother with my niece and nephew.
I think these were taken around 2003.

From left, one of the grandkids, my uncle,
my grandmother.

From left, my aunt, one of the grandkids,
my grandmother.



  1. i love looking at memories. our special times. so fun! thanks for sharing. ( :

  2. That photo from your wedding has so much personality! I adore it! I also like the idea that you print out your blog. A huge part of my family visits center around genealogy and learning about their lives. I cannot tell you how grateful I am of the records they've kept and the stories they've shared! I love that you've turned blogging into more than a hobby but a way of preserving a legacy! Beautiful!

  3. These are precious family photos. I love seeing the resemblance between grandmother, great-aunt and then your mom and her sister.


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