Monday, February 02, 2015

An Ad for an Ad

I didn't watch the Super Bowl. I haven't for many years. There was a time, back when there were Budweiser frogs, that I did check in for the commercials, but with youtube previews and Internet recaps, I don't need to do that anymore.

So I saw the Budweiser puppy commercial before the Super Bowl and I wasted about 15 minutes of my morning reading a Slate article about other commercials.

When I went to watch the commercials - because of course I wanted to see the maudlin one about preventable accidents and the Nissan commercial that everyone was calling crass -  I had to watch an ad to see the advertisements.

It was like an infinite loop of commercials. And then I started wondering, have we all turned into a commercial?

Of course we have. We wear branded outfits and baseball caps with logos on them.  My sneakers sport a bit ol' "N" for New Balance on them. My watch says "Timex." My titanium-framed glasses on the inside of the frames say "Charmant," whatever that is (maybe that's a color).

My car says Toyota Camry on it, my cameras all say Nikon, my cell phone says . . . well, whatever it is, it's an old flip phone and I can't remember what it is but it says its name on there (and indicates that I am not yet into this decade). My husband's flip phone is a Motorola, I know that.

I have T-shirts that advertise insurance companies, Hanes on my underwear, and St. John's Bay on my sweater. ACE is tattooed on the elastic bandage on my ankle.

I don't consider myself a name-brand kind of girl, and yet there it is, proof that I'm a walking billboard.

Just like you.

I have ads on my blog just because - I don't make much money from them, but there they are anyway. One hopes, I suppose.

Looking around my office, I see a Samsung monitor, a Dell computer, a Sphere light, a bottle of Purell hand cleaner, a Panasonic cordless phone, a Casio calculator, and a box of Kleenex. And that's without hardly moving my head. A turn to the left and there's Energizer batteries, a Sterling & Noble clock, an RCA stereo, and a Staples bag with notebooks in it. Oh, and let's not forget the HP printers, Norcom column pad that I keep my freelance billing in, and the Quaker popped rice.

Good grief.

We really are trapped in an infinite loop of commercials.

Maybe I'll put a "For Sale" sign on my forehead. I wonder what someone might want to put there.


  1. I watched a collection of ads on the internet and tried to see them as mini movies (maybe with some blatant product placement). I'm always curious about the ad creators mind. I think they have to be good writers to pull it off. But even so I felt tricked in a way and inundated with product pushing.

  2. There is no escaping brand labels, unless of course, one made the products and clothing themselves but then many similar items I have seen at craft fairs and similar events also bear the maker's name, which it itself is a sort of label. It's much like the copyright symbols used intellectual works to show ownership.

  3. I did have the game on while reading, but honestly don't recall most of the commercials.


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