Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Little Christmas Eve

In Norway and Sweden, and probably other countries, this day is known as Little Christmas Eve. I love that! I think it's a super name for the day before Christmas Eve. So I call it that, now, too.

Traditionally, this is the day to put up the tree and decorations. I imagine that comes from a time when the Christmas season didn't start before Halloween. You know, before it became the Capitalist Holiday that it is now.

I learned of this tradition from my friend Inga, who lives in England but whose family origins lie in Norway. Many years ago, when she informed me of the day, I was charmed by the idea of it, though I am not Norwegian or Swedish, as far as I know. I still love it as a lead-in to the Christmas celebrations.

Christmas Eve has always been important to me, perhaps more so than Christmas Day. Christmas Eve is the day of anticipation, when the idea of tomorrow is so great that you might pee your pants in excitement. I know of no other day that brings about such emotional turmoil (of course, then there's a huge let-down after Christmas, but that's another blog post).

Today is also my nephew's 20th birthday.  He's a quiet young man, working through his sophomore year at Roanoke College. I think about how young he is - he grew up with computers and cell phones, and lives in an age of great uncertainty. I am not happy being an old person in our current society, but I am not so sure that being a young one would be much better.

When I was 20, I married and set up housekeeping with my husband. That was 31 years ago, so long I can scarcely remember being that age. I hope he takes advantage of his youth and health. Both are fleeting.

Anyway, Happy Birthday to Trey, and Happy Little Christmas Eve to everyone else.

May all your days be blessed.


  1. Blessings to you on this Little Christmas Eve!


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