Friday, February 14, 2014

Digging out

These photos are backwards, but that's okay. Hubby came to my rescue this morning. He was at work last night. He drove as far as the barn and then stopped and rode the tractor the rest of the way home.

Poor fellow came in for a kiss and then went back to it.

Pushing snow is hard work, even if you are sitting in a heated cab.

The big blade digs a little deep and we only use it for bad snows.

My husband is a whiz at snow removal.

There he goes.

Later he had to come back and do it again because it snowed more.

Here he is on the initial run up the hill. My knight in a blue steed, with a big
blade, coming to my emotional rescue.

Even this big monster Ford has to inhale deeply in this deep snow.

But he made it without problem.


  1. Anita, hope you had a long lens so you didn't have to be out in the snow too. Chains on a tractor are good things too!

  2. What a guy! That kind of snow certainly keeps anyone with a plow busy.


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