Monday, November 25, 2013

Cold Weather's A Comin'

I am so not ready for cold temperatures, ice, and snow! But that looks like what the east coast is going to get this holiday week.

Our forecast for tomorrow as of this moment is for a "wintry mix" Tuesday, turning to heavy rain. Some forecast models are calling for snow, though, and I saw one prediction for up to a foot of snow in the high southern Appalachian mountains. Yikes!

I had heard we might have a rough winter. Will those predictions come true?


  1. I think it will be a hard winter this year... Hubby says no. I think I'll bet him a thousand dollars cuz I could sure use the dough. LOL

  2. We've already have below freezing temps here. We were in the low twenties both days this past weekend. Saturday was the worst, as the high winds put the windchill down around zero. And that was during the day! We started out at 33F today and -- thanks to another Arctic blast -- the temp is already dropping into the twenties again. So not liking the frigid temps and snow already! :-\

  3. We have now now have down below chilly temperature ranges underneath. A number of us ended up currently being inside of lessened twenties either times to help months the 2009 saturday along with on the. Weekend ended up this worst, since the excessive gusts of wind fit this windchill down all around absolutely no. This also ended up within daytime! A number of us started off within 33F nowadays in addition to -- as a result of yet another Arctic enjoyment time period -- this heat is already getting rid of to the twenties all over again. Therefore not choice this chilly temperature ranges in addition to ideal earlier!

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