Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Upcoming Auction

On Saturday, my husband's cousins will be having an auction of their parents' estate. Their house is adjacent to the farm, so this is a big deal for these here parts.

Both Uncle Bill and Aunt Jenny passed away in recent years, Bill in January and Aunt Jenny in 2011. They were fine people who welcomed me into the family so very long ago.

If you're local and you want a look at some of the stuff they are selling, you can find it here at this link.

Aunt Jenny collected antiques and I know there are some nice pieces that will be in the sale. I am planning to go, and I think Aunt Jenny's sister is visiting from out of town just for this auction.

I hope to be able to stay and bid on a few items, but that will depend on several factors. Those factors are the weather, how many people are smoking, and how I feel. How I feel can change depending on the first two items, too. If a lot of folks are smoking around me I will have to leave.

One of the interesting things about local auctions is seeing folks you don't see often. I enjoy that. Sometimes you see people you haven't seen in years.

Another thing about an auction is people-watching. I like to see how folks react to bids, winning or losing. For some it's a game, and they are die-hard players. It is really fun when the bidding gets intense over an item that unexpectedly sells for a great deal of money.

When James' father held an auction after Grandma F. died, we watched in amazement as an old frying pan created a bidding war. Unbeknownst to us, the pan was a rare Griswold cast iron frying pan. The dealers there knew it, though, and the bidding war began.

In the end, someone paid $800 for the frying pan. My husband and I stood there with our mouths open, looking at one another. Who knew? Obviously not us!

I also came across an old slide projector and slides that had family images on them. I rescued those for $1. Might there be a similar find in Saturday's sale?

So it is fun to see what might happen. You just never know what kind of gem someone might find at an auction.


  1. It the weather is good I may just attend the auction for the heck of it. Must remember to bring a chair! xox

  2. oh they've got a lot of great things listed. kind of sad though to see it leave the family huh? i'd love to go but the boys have a football game...hope you are able to attend!

  3. That frying pan bid would have dropped my jaw too , funny what people collect and pay so much for that someone else would not even want isn't it ! lol
    " One mans trash is another mans treasure" ~ so the saying goes.
    It is very interesting !

  4. I may have to go. I need a queen headboard. Do you know if any of the beds were queen sized? I hope Diane and I don't get in a bidding war!

  5. I hope you have good weather and fell well for the auction. Enjoy!


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