Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Botetourt County Fair

On Saturday, Botetourt County had its first local fair in at least 50 years.

Prior to this event, the fairs were held at the Fincastle Fair Grounds, and included horse racing and other activities. This year the new fair was held at the Buchanan Carnival Grounds in Buchanan.

This band had a very young singer, who did quite well.
An exhibit by Mountain Castle Soil and Water Conservation.
Erica Moore with Mountain Castle Soil & Water
An overview of the exhibors set up at the Buchanan Carnival Grounds.
Ikenberry Orchards sold fruits and veggies.
This fellow needed to see a man about a horse. . .
Waiting to show the cattle . .
A prize-winning pie . .
Prize-winning photos
An interesting exhibit
More cattle.
Prize-winning jams
Lots of ribbons, eh?
Mr. Bill the goat.
Arnold the pig.


  1. That reminds me of the fairs I used to go to when we lived in Alabama. Something about a county fair!

  2. I was sad to know I would be in California and would miss it. Let's hope it is a huge success and they do it again next year.

  3. hey we were there at the same time because we watched that little singer. he's really good huh? i didn't know it had been 50 years since the last one, the view just said years. we had a good time, hope they do it again...btw, where's the fincastle fair grounds?

  4. Wish I would have heard about this. Do you know if Fincastle is having anything like that civil war demonstration I attended a couple of years ago?

  5. Can honestly say that I have never seen a carved peach pit before. I haven't been to our county fair in years, though it is held here, and have never been to the state fair. Sad, I know.


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