Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Beautiful Days

The forecast here is for rain, once again. From today (Tuesday) until next Sunday!

So I wanted to remind myself what a beautiful day looks like.

Our area averages something like 40 inches of precipitation annually, and this year we have had that already, I think. The long-range forecasts that I have seen indicate continued rain, cooler days, and an early Autumn.

The wet summer has caused problems for farmers, construction workers, and anyone else who does outside work. It is the first year I can remember never having to water the garden, which has been nice, but I am afraid that we will pay for it this winter with higher food prices eventually.

Farmers all up and down the east coast have been unable to make hay, and if there is not enough hay to feed cattle, that will affect the price of beef. I'm sure the wet weather has not been the best for some vegetables, and those may be in short supply.

We are so dependent upon the weather for everything, yet we act like it doesn't matter. Long ago our ancestors paid homage to the clouds, and all we do now is use "the cloud" for storage.

Enjoy the rain. It's good weather for reading, anyway.


  1. They finished baling the last of our hay yesterday. I hope they can get a great second cutting. Maybe Winter will hold off long enough in recompense. It is a lot easier to enjoy the rainy days when it doesn't impact someone's livelihood.

  2. "Long ago our ancestors paid homage to the clouds, and all we do now is use "the cloud" for storage."

    Funny, but oh so true. Many still refuse to believe in climate change, or that we are causing it ourselves. Like you, we're way about the average precip for the year, and constant rains and flooding have caused problems for local farmers. And not just for farms, but for personal gardens, too. Crops went in late due to a long, cold & wet spring. Some things have managed to "catch up," while other plants aren't doing well at all. The rest of August is supposed to be below average in temps--even more fall-like than dog days of summer. I shudder to think of what winter has in store for us!


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