Monday, May 13, 2013

Wildlife and Wood

If it's not the deer eating my roses, it's this:

Squirrels have been gnawing on the wood frame of my back door.

A woodpecker has devastated one of the trees in the back yard.


  1. Squirrels did that?? WOW! Time to get out the shotgun! Not nice when wildlife destroys your house at all, and it's time for them to be gone!

  2. A woodpecker killed two of our trees in a previous house. once they start you cannot get them to stop. That whole shotgun thing might work! A dog would love to deal with your squirrels, but you would need to get a poodle. No fur, just hair, like people!

  3. Ugh! Sorry about the wildlife woes. Still, at least the woodpecker is going after the trees, and not the house. That's a problem we have at work--one keeps going after the siding on one side of the building (and it's only one side of the building!), and nothing seems to deter him.


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