Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Holiday Baking

I frequently like to try new things during the holidays. This year I went crazy and tried several new things.

Chocolate bark with pretzels. I also made some with dried cranberries and marshmallow. Fairly easy. I will make the kind with pretzels again, I think.

I decided I wanted to make candy. First I had to purchase molds.

It's a little harder than it looks. After melting the chocolate, filling the molds takes a bit of technique. It took me a few tries to keep from being messy.

Dark chocolate chip cookies. This was the first batch of chocolate chip I ever fixed that didn't turn all that well: I left out a 1/2 cup of butter by mistake.

Fudge. Not a new thing, this is my signature holiday treat. But I am not making as much of this as I once did. I used to make nearly 20 pounds of fudge every year; now I'm down to less than 10.

The candy from the molds. The white or white-colored tasted the best.

Sugar cookies. I burned the first dozen and had a difficult time with the rolling and cutting out. It is a lot easier to just get the Pillsbury dough and make round cookies.

I also made snickerdoodles and butterscotch cookies. During the course of the cooking, I burned up my mixer (a hand mixer) and my husband on Saturday went to Lowe's and bought me a nice KitchenAid mixer. I was surprised. He said it was part of my Christmas. I had no idea that a good mixer could make such a difference in the cooking process, but it certainly does.

I hope that everyone had a good holiday. We woke this morning to snow/sleet/ice. It is still dark as I write this so no photos yet. We'll see what it looks like when the sun comes up.


  1. Glad you found some molds for the candy, and how cute are the little tree lights! You have been a very busy girl in your kitchen. That's more than can say for myself. :)

  2. Here's my favorite Christmas cookie: make a sandwich with two Ritz or Hi-ho crackers and peanut butter. Dip in almond bark, either white or chocolate. Enjoy. It's probably the only Christmas cookie I will ever make again, it's that good. If you feel festive you can put sprinkles on them while the almond bark is still meltie.

  3. Oooh, that's a lot of good stuff! You must have gone visiting with goodies in hand.

    1. Yes, I made up a number of tins and took them around to the neighbors. I enjoy doing that, spreading the celebration all over!


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