Saturday, December 29, 2012

Boxing Day Snow (12/26/2012)

Wednesday we woke to a ground covered with snow, sleet, and ice. It was our first snow of the winter season, only a few hours late for a white Christmas.

A mix of stuff fell from the skies still when I took these photos early in the morning.

You can see where the ice and slush gathered on the gravel driveway and in low spots on the ground.

Whose Woods these are I think I know . . .

I love my view out my front door, even when it is snowing so hard I cannot see my beloved mountains.

Nothing like the white on the green!

. . . He will not see me stopping here . . .

. . . to watch his woods fill up with snow.

Thursday we had a mix of sun and clouds. I took this shot and those that follow in the afternoon.

The sun was catching the gleam of ice and snow in the mountains.

It was magnificent.

Breathtaking, even.

*There are a few lines of Robert Frost's poem Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening in here.*


  1. beautiful shots. those mountain views are amazing!! ( :

  2. Gorgeous! I can only imagine the glory in person.

  3. Congrats on your first snow of the year. We just had 2-1/2 more inches on Friday. Love the last three photos of the snowy mountains--absolutely gorgeous!


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