Sunday, June 24, 2012

Chris Graduates From High School

Earlier in June, my nephew, Chris, graduated from Lord Botetourt High School. I posted photos on Facebook and just realized I never put anything on my blog!

He is a fine young man, interested in farming, carpentry, machinery,and other hands-on activities.

These three fine fellows are my nephew Emory, my hubby, and Chris. Emory is Chris's brother; he will be a senior at University of South Carolina this fall. He is studying to be a doctor.

Chris has a girlfriend!

Our seats for the graduation ceremony were not the best; this is a shot at the end, when the students toss their mortar boards into the air.

I am very proud of Chris. He has never liked school, but he still kept his grades up. He plans to attend Virginia Western Community College this fall, and I think it is terrific that he intends to further his education. He is interested in things like welding and installing air conditioners - and I think that is wonderful, too. Those are good, solid jobs.

Bravo to the nephew! Huzzah!

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  1. Your nephews are handsome with a capital 'H'! Best wishes to him in his future. VWCC is an asset to our valley. Our girls have attended along with many others we know.


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