Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I am never certain I have the names of wildflowers correct, so feel free to correct me if you see something in need of change.

Dew Drop

Some kind of violet.


More trillium.

Spring Beauty (name of the flower, not what it is!)


Spring Beauty.


  1. Those trillium and spring beauties are gorgeous. I had hoped to attend a spring wildflower walk at the Arboretum Sunday, but was forced to change plans due to a migraine. There's another in two weeks, so hopefully I'll feel more up to that one!

  2. You have a wide variety of wildflowers nearby! This is the perfect time of year for a walk in the woods- before the brambles grow high and the pesky bugs come out.
    I've had some catching up to do on my blog reading, but that was a great post about the budget meeting. We should be willing to invest in our communities. I'm glad to hear that most people value what we have here in Botetourt.

  3. i'm glad you've named them because i had no idea! so pretty!


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