Sunday, February 05, 2012

Miss Ultimate

Yesterday my niece, who at the age of 10 is a veteran of the beauty pageant circuit, competed in a state competition held in Roanoke. The event was called Simply Gorgeous Girls. The winners go on to a national pageant held at Pigeon Forge, TN in April.

I went to watch. Most of these events take place far from here and I do not get to see my niece participate in them often.

Cameras were not allowed, so these pictures are not mine.

My brother took this shot yesterday with his cell phone.

I stole this one from my sister-in-law's FB page.

Stole this one, too. This is from a different pageant, though.

As you can see, my niece is quite lovely. In yesterday's event, she won most adorable, best dressed, interview, casual wear, and simply your choice wear in her age group. She also won the title of Ultimate Grand Supreme, which is to say she was the overall pageant winner.

Congratulations, Zoe!

I'm very proud!


  1. congrats! what a beautiful young lady!

  2. As a proud aunt should be! She looks beautifully poised and on her way to a bright future!

  3. Congrats to your niece! She's lovely! I would not have guessed she was only ten.

    I'm happy you got to see her participate in this pageant.

  4. She's beautiful! I can see the family resemblance :)

  5. She's a beautiful girl. It's nice that she's found something that she enjoys and that she has her aunt in her cheering section! Some of the reality shows about the pageants make me cringe, but I imagine that they skip over the well adjusted parents and kids to focus on the few crazies.


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