Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Moon and the Sun

This morning a big ol' fat moon shone brightly in the bedroom window as I was rising. After I wiped the sleep from my eyes, I padded into the home office and retrieved a couple of my cameras.

Standing outside in my robe was a bit cold, but I was pretty pleased with my early morning efforts.

This full moon, which greeted some folks Saturday morning with a lunar eclipse that the eastern coast of the United States could not see, is sometimes called The Cold moon or the Long Night Moon. It's also called a Christmas Moon, a Snow Moon, a Twelfth Moon, or an Oak Moon. I don't know how they determine which name to use.

Early Sunday morning, around 7:15 a.m. Shot with my Nikon D-40.

Around 7:10 a.m. Shot with my Canon Powershot.

7:10 a.m., Canon Powershot.

However, around the house, something else was going on. The sun, not to be outdone, was coming up brilliantly through the trees:

December 11, 2011, 7: 15 a.m., Sunrise, Nikon D-40.


  1. what a gorgeous moon it has been. driving home tonight it was just lovely. a big old moon. looks like you can just reach out & grab it. (:

  2. I love the beauty of early morning. You've captured it perfectly!


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