Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Wild Wonderful West Virginia Part III

Part III - The New River Gorge Bridge
The New River Gorge Bridge is on US 19. It crosses The New River and spans the huge gorge carved out by those ancient waters. The arch bridge is 3,030 feet across, and is the third largest of such structures in the world.

Before the bridge was built, it took 45 minutes to get around the New River gorge. Now it takes about 49 seconds to drive across it.

About 16,500 vehicles go over the bridge every day.

The structure cost $37 million to build. It was constructed in the 1970s.

The bridge is 876 feet above The New River.

The National Park Service has a series of decks which one might venture down to see the river and the bridge. However, it was over 20 floors or levels (more than 200 steps) and neither the husband nor I cared to make the climb back up. We both have bad knees.

The arch that creates the base of the structure is quite incredible. Photos in the museum in the visitor's center showed men walking along these steel beams like they were out for an evening's stroll.

This bridge will count as one of the most amazing feats of man-made genius I have ever seen. This was produced during a time of greater vision, when we had real statesmen and visionaries in office.

I could have looked at the bridge all day.

Go see it!

Click here for a google images link to amazing photos of this bridge.

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  1. That is one beautiful bridge.

    And the gorge - wow!

  2. We've only driven through West Virginia, but I love its rugged beauty. Nice photos!

  3. What a beautiful bridge! And I couldn't make it back up those steps either...


  4. That is a cool and impressive-looking bridge, but I don't think I would like crossing it.


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