Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Why My Flowers Won't Grow

Alas, the flower pots on the end of the deck are looking sad these days.

I wondered why.

The other morning I glanced out the door and I knew.

Three deer eating on my flowers!

Here are two of the culprits, laughing at me!

Darned deer.


  1. We have a sad looking, young apple tree out back that puts out lovely leaves and then they disappear. This cycles continually repeats itself. We've seen a deer back there munching away! I hope the tree doesn't give up one day!

  2. We used to have a large garden in the lower part of our yard, but gave up on it when the deer discovered it.

  3. each season I have a go'round w/the local deer. uess they feel they
    been here longer than me and so they will occasionally help themselves to some beans etc. I try to fend them off w/some deer away and netting. Sometimes it works and..other times not.


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