Friday, August 05, 2011

Books: Miles to Go

Miles to Go
By Richard Paul Evans
Copyright 2011
Read by the author

The story of Alan's hike from Washing to Key West, Florida, continues in this second installment of his journey.

Alan is in a bad way. When we left him at the end of the first book, he was in the hospital, having been beaten and stabbed just a few hundred miles into his journey.

In the first book, The Walk, Alan told how his wife died and he lost his business. He was so despairing that he considered suicide. Instead he decided to walk.

In Miles to Go, Alan must recover from his wounds before heading out on the next leg of his walk. A young woman named Angel aka Nicole agrees to take him in. Alan had helped her during his walk by changing a flat tire. He and Nicole become friends and Alan helps her overcome her own emotional trauma before he continues on his journey.

Then he meets a young girl named Kayla May. He helps her out, too. Then he keeps walking.

He is in South Dakota when the book ends with a mysterious visitor.

The author's website has a youtube video about the book, if you're interested.

These are feel-good books with a message of hope. I don't mind telling you, in this day and age, a little hope is not a bad thing. Evans is a good writer and I enjoy his style. The books are relatively short, so pick them up for quick, enjoyable reads.

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  1. I was thinking that it was nonfiction and then I recognized the author's name! Thanks for the suggestion.... sounds very interesting!


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