Saturday, March 19, 2011

Books: The Walk

The Walk
By Richard Paul Evans
Read by the Author
Copyright 2010

This was a short read - only four disks, so about four hours or so - and I surmise it is a short book. Alan Christofferson is 28 years old and has it all. Then his cherished wife has a horse riding accident and things quickly fall apart.

Funny how one little incident changes an entire path of a life.

Alan decides to talk a long walk, all the way from Seattle, Washington to Key West, Florida, in a journey that will traverse most of the United States and cover about 3,000 miles. This book is the first installment of his adventure, covering about the first two weeks of his journey once we are past the introduction of his wife's accident and other ill fortunes.

Along the way he meets many people, not all good. Life isn't all good, though, now is it?

The book felt complete in itself to me and it wasn't until I looked it up in order to obtain the Amazon picture that I realized it is the first in a series. Apparently this walk will cover many pages of multiple volumes.

Evans writes "inspirational" books, a genre placement which means "not entirely Christian but heading there," I guess. His characters generally are searching for meaning, in the midst of change, that type of thing, and Alan Christofferson is no different. I am fairly sure that the character's last name is not a happenstance, after all.

Apparently the second book, called Miles to Go, comes out in April. When it is available in the library, I will probably look for it.

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