Monday, September 20, 2010

Books: The Laughter of Dead Kings

The Laughter of Dead Kings
By Elizabeth Peters
Performed by Barbara Rosenblat
10 hours unabridged
Copyright 2008

Elizabeth Peters is better known for the Amelia Peabody mystery series, which generally deal with Egyptian mysteries and archeology and that sort of thing.

However, The Laughter of Dead Kings is a Vicky Bliss novel, with the heroine ostensibly brought back for a final investigation. Though she also was in Egypt for much of the book, she is not simply another Amelia Peabody.

For those who may not know, Elizabeth Peters is also Barbara Michaels. I became a fan of Barbara Michaels more goth-type novels a long time ago.

I enjoyed this Vicky Bliss novel, and since this is a Peters series I had not read before, I will go back and look for the earlier books.

Someone has stolen King Tut's body, and the chief suspect is John Tregarth. He is Bliss's significant other, and an art connoisseur (and thief) of some renown. Bliss works in a museum and is a person of note in her own right.

The book follows the duo as they set out to prove that Tregarth did not steal Tut. Along the way they are helped by several friends, murder occurs, Tut needs to be ransomed, etc.

A good listen in the car and recommended especially for readers who like a more ensemble approach to mystery-solving. I also enjoyed the reader; Rosenblat did a good job. A good reader is crucial to the enjoyment of an audiobook.

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