Monday, June 21, 2010

Raising the Roof

Saturday evening saw big doin's in Fincastle as one of the town's two historic preservation groups put on a shindig to raise funds.

The money was to be spent on new cedar shingles for the James Early Cabin, which houses a small museum dedicated to early settler life and historic information about the town.

The event was held on Main Street in the Rienhart-Luster House, which is currently undergoing renovation. The renovations were part of the attraction.

Note the molding around the door frame. You don't see woodwork like that anymore on most homes.

Two rooms in the old manse had been turned into very large bathrooms. This tub looks out over Main Street - soak and watch the traffic!

Another attraction was the area artists, who sold their wares.

My friend, Dreama Kattenbraker, was one of the local artists. That's her and a picture of her work above. I love her whimsy and style.

Fincastle artist Nancy Dahlstrom was also there. Professor Dahlstrom is a Hollins teacher who taught me in several classes when I was an undergraduate. One of the classes, Imaginative Thinking, still sticks with me as one of the best courses I ever took. She has a great eye for detail.

Other activities included music and wine tasting in the backyard.

I knew many of the people attending the event. Some were old friends and acquaintances.

This is Peggy Davis on the right and her daughter, Kathy. I did not know this daughter but do know two others. Peggy and I are distant cousins.

Many visitors were current or former members of Historic Fincastle, Inc., the organization which put on the event.

A very long time ago in another life, I was president of this organization. At that time the group put on the Fincastle Festival every year. While a Festival Chairman actually did most of the work for the festival, I did work hard to help and make sure things went smoothly. I took it all very seriously.

I dropped out of the organization in 2000, when my mother was ill with cancer.

There was also a silent auction, and I brought home a prize. I will tell you about that tomorrow!


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun for a great cause! I can't wait to hear what you won.

  2. Dreama's work looks fabulous and LOVE that bathroom. Great photo of it!


  3. What a fun and bright piece on the event. Thanks, my friend! Love getting to see all of the pictures.
    Wish I could take Nancy's class you mentioned, sounds wonderful. xoxox


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