Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday Thirteen

I have no topic today, so I offer up random thoughts from my brain.

1. A long day with a Library Board meeting stretches before me like Silly Putty in the hands of a child. All I need is a cartoon to go with it.

2. The breeze blows the blue spruce and the sight of it brings "brrrss" to my brain.

3. This morning I opted for hot chocolate instead of tea for my morning hot drink; this means that I have already blown my diet and I haven't even had breakfast yet.

4. The government is after Toyota, but I really don't think it is because of safety issues. It is politics. The U.S. government now owns a car company, how can it be impartial?

5. I found this bit of "verse" in one of my old files the other day:

He lives
in Future Perfect Tense
of world of haves and will dos
where perfection is
the point! and tomorrow
the beginning
of the sentence.

6. From page 46 of the fiction book closest to me: "So I told him that I'd like to go to the bow of the boat so I could see the Dragon's Mouth and the Gulf of Paria and the Northern Range Mountains because this is probably what my father would have seen when he came from panning gold near the Essequibo River in British Guiana, and if he could help me I would be very grateful." - Lime Tree Can't Bear Orange by Amanda Smyth.

7. From page 46 of the nonfiction book closest to me: "All this computer stuff can be acquired and learned gradually, as time and budget permit. Don't feel you have to load up on a complete set of high-tech gear before you start soliciting business." - Secrets of a Freelance Writer by Robert Bly.

8. A small herd of deer brave the chilly wind and cold dawn to move to and fro across the fields. I saw nine of them pass not 50 feet from my window, trudging along the other side of the fence. They follow the path my husband plowed out for the cow with a calf; there is no snow there. I don't know if that is all of them or if I simply did not see that there were more.

9. I have 56 books on my "unread books" shelf and I wonder how I will find time to read them all.

10. I have a globe on the shelf to my right. If I look up, I see it. Sometimes I study it. It is over 20 years old and so the names of countries on it are not correct; it still shows a Soviet Union. But while my globe has not changed, the world has. It is meaner and crueler than it was when this map was made. People are less civil and more filled with hate. It is as if some nameless enemy from space has leaked a "mean-ass" gas into our atmosphere and it has poisoned us all. Some of us are only weakened and sickened by it; the rest seem to feed and breed from it. I wait for the aliens to pop out of their chests.

11. Something scared the deer and they all just ran by the window in a clump; I counted 15 of them. They are now huddled up in the small cedar forest in front of my house.

12. In the mornings I watch a TV show and exercise. Right now I am watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer on DVD. It is time for me to go do that.

13. Becky Mushko at Peevish Pen posted the following video on Facebook. I liked it so much I reposted it there and now I offer it to you here: Go see this.

Thursday Thirteen is a little blog thing that lots of folks do on Thursdays. Check out the list here for other participants and go see what they have to say. This is my 128th week of playing.


  1. Mmm hmmm, will be interesting to see where all this Toyota matter ends up.


  2. I don't think I've ever heard of this happening to anyone. You'd think they'd make them more durable than that. Ouch $400
    Dare I say, Happy T13!

  3. Meanness is my kryptonite! I posted that video link too. I love it!

    Some of these are like fragments of poems. A fun read.

  4. I'm tending to agree with you on the Toyota issue and the govt, but there is a safety problem which Toyota still has not found the cause of. My husband said it was a computer problem with the software as soon as he heard about it. The older vehicles don't have all that "electric stuff" so they wouldn't be affected. If it is electric or computer related it would be the most expensive recall to fix so I think Toyota's in denial. If the govt gets the truth, good for us. Too many people have already been affected by it.

  5. Darn those unread books. I'm slowly catching up on my "unread shelf".

  6. Wonderful list despite no topic :)

  7. #9 sounds a lot like me...I had three books being read at the same time, 'til I found the 4th one and I couldn't put that one I still have tons on my 'to read shelf'!!

    MY 13 - below Thursday Thunks!! Have a great day.

  8. If you're going to blow the diet, than chocolate in any form is the way to go. But I've been reading a lot about all the benefits of dark chocolate lately. So think of it as doing something health, not blowing the diet. :-)

    My T13: Regrets

  9. I just got a hankering for silly putty!


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