Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

Sunday I began looking for 100 things to be thankful for. I am going to continue my list here, with 13 things, starting at Item 41, as I continue counting up.

41. My clock. I am very happy with my alligator clock that hangs on the wall of my home office. My friend Brenda gave me the clock for Christmas one year. The tail wags.

42. The telephone. While sometimes the shrill of the phone can be an annoyance, when my husband or a friend is on the other end, I am always very glad. I spend a great deal of time alone and the phone, like the Internet, is a connection to others not easily dismissed.

43. Music. I love the sounds of pop music and guitar music. some of my favorite artists are Sheryl Crow, Melissa Etheridge and Fleetwood Mac.

44. Drive-throughs. I confess, I prefer to eat my Big Mac in my car.

45. Green grass. Don't you love the feel of it on your toes?

46. Trees. They let you know there's a breeze and herald the change of the seasons. They also give shade, fruit, nuts, etc. Trees are great!

47. Lakes. Our pond is not really a lake but it has fish and algae and frogs. On a calm day they can bring bliss.

48. A sigh. Sighing makes you take in oxygen, and that has to be good for you, right?

49. Cameras. I love taking pictures and I am really thankful for digital technology. While it has gone a long way toward eliminating particular jobs, it has opened up the medium to the masses. And I take a lot more shots with a digital camera than I ever thought of taking with a film camera.

50. Dictionaries. I love new and unusual words!

51. My college diploma. I will spare you the angst and years it took me to aquire that thing. Suffice it to say I am very grateful and very thankful that I have it to hang on my wall, even if I don't seem to be actually using that B.A. in English for anything.

52. Flowers. Another gift from Mother Nature that makes the world a brighter place.

53. My wedding ring. The eternal symbol of love. I don't need it to know I am married but I sure feel naked when I don't have it on my finger.

Thursday Thirteen is played by lots of people; you can learn more about it here. My other Thursday Thirteens are here. This is number 102!


  1. Nice list! I am drawn to the painting(?) of the tree. Is it by a local artist?

  2. Lenora - yes, me! That's a photo that's been enhanced with editing software.

    I'm glad you like it. Thanks for the compliment.

  3. I'm grateful for your gratitude list. Happy TT!

  4. I love the sand through my toes. Maybe I need a sandbox! I'm thankful for many of the same things you are.

  5. Great thankful list. I really like the idea of documenting 100 things to be thankful for.

  6. Love #53. I feel naked without mine too.

  7. Great list. I'm thankful for all those things, too, even though I don't have an alligator clock. But I wish I did. If I did, I'd be very thankful for it. :-)

    (I used to have a KitKat clock with a tail that moved. I loved it.)

  8. Wow, very cool list. Great idea for TT!

  9. Cool list. Maybe i should make one of my own.....

  10. wow. love it!

  11. what a great T13!!! Your photography is stunning and I loved that you used a dandelion to illustrate your point about flowers ... they're just so pretty!

  12. All the grass around me has gone brown for lack of watering. I'm really appreciating the green stuff now.

  13. great list - we should all take time to count our blessings more often.


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