Sunday, July 12, 2009

Finding grace

Last night I decided I have been dwelling on negative things too much.

So I decided to try to list 100 things I am grateful for. I expect this to take several days...if not weeks.

1. My husband. What would I do without this man? He has loved me through all sorts of toil and trouble. He is my steadfast rock.

2. My Higher Power. I am not the most religious of people and my ideas about the divine do not run lock-step with the rest of the world. But I do believe there is something greater, in part because I've experienced it a few times.

3. My friends. I will group them all here as a lot but list them separately, too. I am thankful I have friends, more than I realize, sometimes. It's easy to forget that people love and care about you.

4. My health. I have a few health issues but nothing that a lot of dieting couldn't help...

5. My house. I have a roof over my head. In this day and age, that says a lot. I am so glad my husband has been able to provide this for us.


  1. Easy to do as the world envelopes you. Good five to start off with!

  2. I think you often exhibit grace and gratitude, in spite of the difficult waves that have been washing your way. Something about a grateful heart helps many things flow more smoothly...

  3. Your header photo is lovely - such a beautiful landscape! What's the really long white building?

    I find that I go through ups and downs, and really believe you shouldn't beat yourself up about being sad or reflective.
    On the other hand it is to be positive to look at the good things in your life to pick you up after a down patch - so GOOD LUCK. 100 things??!

  4. Relish the good.... the negative things in life many times take care of themselves if WE let them. I find that most of my health issues are simply due to my own lazy ways. Need to get off my butt, that's all.

    The Blue Ridge Gal


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