Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Adventures in Gardening June 2009

Here it is, the last day of June. My flowers and gardening is ongoing. Some plants are in full bloom.

Alas, last night something, I presume a deer, stripped all the leaves and blossoms from one of my roses. It is but a bare stem now.

Marigolds and zinnias, sprouting in May from seeds I planted, disappeared.

This puzzled me until last week when I saw a rabbit nibbling at my newly sprouting sunflowers (planted to make up for the lack of zinnias and marigolds). Apparently my small seedlings made a good salad. I had hoped for a lovely bounty of beautiful colored flowers. I wanted to watch them sway in the breeze and feel their life and color breathe some liveliness back into my soul.

Alas, they are gone. Hopefully netting will keep the critters from the sunflowers.

But my pumpkins I planted about 10 days ago in the flower beds are flourishing (they have fence around them).

And my rescued mums bloomed in the whisky barrel:

My 40 cent geraniums, saved from the clearance bin at Walmart, are thriving.

And the garden is looking pretty good despite its small size.

That's zucchini, watermelon, corn and cucumber visible, with tomato plants and pole beans in the rear. You can't see the bush beans or the kale. Maneuvering in that small space is getting difficult as stuff grows. The best part is there are so many vegetable plants growing in there, the weeds can't find a toe-hold!


  1. Your garden is looking quite awesome my dear! Or is that my deer? Hmmmm And your flowers are thriving as well. Good job!

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  2. Beautiful garden...and yes, it's those bunnies doing the worst damage. We just applied some Deer-Off...will see if that works.

  3. Miss Anita, those are just gorgeous. We have so many deer that I've given up. We even have a baby deer hanging around, and I'm beginning to think he's an orphan.

  4. Something cut down all my lobelia and impatiens. I think it must have been cut worms because they left the tops of the plants uneaten. I see rabbit dropping all throughout my garden but I can't tell what they are eating. I have much covered in remay cloth.

    Your corn is as tall as mine. My garden is big and so I hate to leave it but I do every year at some point.


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