Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Growing Things

Tis the season for growing lovelies!

My roses have aphids but otherwise are doing fine. The rain keeps washing away the bug spray so I guess aphids are something I'll live with this year.

My zinnias are coming up. They are a little spottier than I'd hoped.

Last fall I rescued some plants from Home Depot that they called "mums" only they did not look like any mum I had ever seen.

I thought they would die over the winter but they have taken over this planter. I did not realize they would get so big. I planted a few marigolds in there for color while I watched the "mums" to see what they would do.

So far it looks like all they are going to do is grow leaves. They may be brilliant in the fall, though.

Whatever they do, they won't stay in that planter another year, though I might leave them there this summer.

This is a marigold. I planted a couple rows of them around my flower beds this year. I usually buy annuals but I thought I'd try seeds this time.

This is one of three geraniums that I rescued from the clearance bin at Walmart. They had been marked down to 40 cents.

So goes the growing.


  1. Well you are certainly better at it than I. Onward and upward little flowers... To The Sky!!

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  2. I'm curious to see what those "mums" turn out to be,lol....great little garden you have going on!

  3. Love seeing all that new green!

  4. I love rescuing plants. Many in my flowerbeds are rescues from Lowes, Home Depot, or Kroger.

    May your plants livde long and prosper. And bloom.

  5. 40 cents, wow! Those mums don't look like mums. Maybe they were stickered wrong? I can't wait until it blooms so you can solve the mystery.


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