Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Autumn 2008

So here it is again, the time of year for colorful mountains, changing weather, pumpkins, pie, breezes and chills.

Time for the smokey smell of fireplaces, football, sweaters, hot chocolate and popcorn.

What will it bring this year, I wonder?

Snows at Thanksgiving?

More hurricanes and turmoil? Maybe a little rain to ease the drought?

What will the wind blow in, I wonder? Or what will it take away?

The seasons turn, babies are born, people die... cycle through, cycle on. It doesn't stop, this ol' world, this earth, this love.


  1. Lovely photo and lovely writing, Dew. I love this time of year---I always feel a strange mixture of melancholy and excited anticipation.

  2. And there's no prettier place to be than Virginia when autumn comes.


  3. . . . and that cooler air sure feels god!

  4. Oh the air feels like fall and I love it. Looking forward to seeing all the changes that come with the new season and hopefully snow!

  5. My favorite time of year! Nicely said, Dew.


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