Monday, August 11, 2008

I take it back

Remember my whines about my laptop purchase? I bought a little Gateway from CC about 10 days ago.

I felt like I paid for things I didn't get with the "quickstart" service. And then the computer went on sale for $50 less with a rebate and they don't match rebate prices.

The little laptop uses MS Vista. It has 3 or 4 GB RAM and it's very zippy. It whistles and sings and snaps along like a bee buzzing on a fine flower in the best part of June.

My desktop, on the other hand, is a Gateway purchased in 2005. It still uses Windows XP and (up until yesterday) had only 1 GB RAM. Still plenty of hard drive space left on it, though, even with all the photos I take.

My desktop, while reliable, plodded along like a groundhog seeking supper on a hot August day.

I spent some time Saturday trying to tweak the desktop. I consulted a knowledgeable friend about the items I could take out of "start up" in hopes of making it load faster. The computer takes about two minutes to boot (which really isn't all that bad, I mean, at least it boots).

Sunday I decided I should add RAM to the desktop. I did that several months ago for my old Toshiba laptop, which my husband now uses, and that helped it immensely. It went from 256 RAM to 1 RAM and it loads decently now.

I checked online to see what kind of RAM my Gateway might need and discovered it takes PC3200. Then I checked the websites of various stores.

I found it at CC for $45 for 1 GB. So for less than $100 I could soup up the desktop and hopefully use it for another couple of years.

At CC, I found the memory chips but none were marked $45. I found a helpful salesman (I think he was the same one who sold me the Gateway laptop, actually), and he went to look it up for me because I didn't print out the page or preorder it on the web.

As I trailed after him, I walked down the aisle where the laptops were. Lo, there was my Gateway laptop, marked down $50.

I stared at it, looking to see if this was still the sale price with the rebate. A young woman asked if she could help, and I explained I'd just bought that computer but paid $50 more.

This was on sale now WITHOUT the rebate! She said I didn't need my receipt, either, I could just go to customer service and tell them my name and just like that I'd get $50 credited to my card.

Meanwhile, the young man discovered that the memory RAM I needed indeed was on sale for $45 and was not $99 as marked.

Well! My estimation of CC increased exponentially with this nice service and $50 back on my laptop. Not to mention 2 GBs of RAM for $90.

So I take back whatever I said. This is still a better electronics company to deal with than that other one. While I feel like I received a $40 bum deal with the "quickstart" that was a bad decision on my part, really, and I take full responsibility.

Thanks CC for the good work!


  1. Nice! Perhaps it was just the particular people you were dealing with. Anyway, good to hear a happy ending. :) Here's to positive posts this week! WHEEEE!!!

  2. You'll be very happy with the additional speed. Glad to hear you were treated with the respect and courtesy all customers deserve...CC ought to thank their stars they have some employees who care and who understand the way things are supposed to go! I've had ugly experiences with both CC and the other big box...with CC coming out on the losing end of that race.

  3. Sweet! Doesn't it feel so great when things work out? :)

  4. I'm so glad things worked out in the end!
    By the way, I just had to tell you how much I liked your similes comparing your laptop to a zippy bee and your desktop to a plodding groundhog! Perfect!


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