Monday, August 11, 2008

Great Customer Service

After I made my purchase of RAM Sunday at CC, I came home and unhooked the desktop. I carried it into the kitchen so I'd have room to work.

The case had not been opened since I purchased the computer. There were dustbunnies in the bottom.

I blew those out and rid the thing of the dirt. That alone as probably worth the hassle of unhooking the computer.

Locating the memory was not a problem. Getting to it was a bit difficult; it was behind a tangle of wires. After much huffing and puffing and wondering why it took so much force to get the RAM in, I finally wiped my brow and stood back and admired my work.

I reconnected everything and hit the start button.

The silence was deafening and the blackness on the monitor was blinding.

She was dead, my poor dear little desktop.

I reread the instructions with the RAM. I hunted up the owner's manual for the desktop. I'd done everything right.

The RAM offered free tech support.

This time I kept the desktop connected except for the power, and brought a chair in to lay the computer on so I wouldn't have to sit in the floor.

Then I called tech support for Kingston, the makers of the memory chips. After not even a minute's wait, a very nice man named Eric came on the line.

I explained my problem. He said, "We'll fix that."

I removed the memory and put it back in in various ways. It turns out my computer wasn't even supposed to have four memory slots but it did. Then he determined that the memory should be installed 1 GB chip 512 mg chip 1GB chip 512 mg chip instead of the other way around, which is how I had it.

After some more grunting on my part because the memory chips are hard to clip in (he said it takes 40 pounds of force to get them in! Imagine.), I booted and ... hurrah!

3 GBs of RAM on the desktop. It is a little faster and I think this will satisfy me for some time to come.

I really just wanted to acknowledge the tech at Kingston. He was very patient and I am very happy.

Why can't people always be nice?


  1. Remember, courtesy is contagious!!

  2. I remember the anxiety I had first time I decided to put RAM in myself. I think the same thing happened...I figured as much and switched it around. Oila!

  3. That's nice, mentioning GOOD customer service.

    Man, I could never do that. I'm lucky I can turn my computer on!

  4. Maybe we could find a way to clone this guy and his company....

  5. Doesn't that feel great??? I love it when something comes together like that. That's wonderful that you had such great service. When I call, I normally get some foreigner who wants to discuss American politics with me.


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