Saturday, April 12, 2008

An Excellent Day

Thursday was a most excellent day.

The day was warm and the air clear. The recent rains had everything looking clean and pristine.

The tree blossoms were exquisite; they left my mouth hanging open in awe at the simple beauty of it all. The grass grew emerald green and the mountains had a tint of pink and green as the redbuds began to bloom and the oaks and elms begin to leaf out.

This wonderful day started out with a trip to the courthouse, where I did a little research (a favorite past time) and talked with friends who work there. Then I met briefly with my editor, who produced a box that someone had mailed to me.

A small present from a fan of my work, it was. I was pleasantly surprised.

I returned home for lunch, where my husband and I ate and had delightful conversation about the farm and the cattle.

Then I hopped back in the car. En route, I stopped in people's driveways and spoke with ladies I did not know as I asked if I could take pictures of their flowers and trees. They were enjoying the day, too, sitting back on their heels with their gloved hands dirty from weeding and planting.

Not a one turned me away.

I made my way to an interview, where the people I spoke with for my article were absolutely sweet and kind and wonderful to talk with.

The sky was a perfect backdrop for photos and I saw pictures everywhere I looked. It was as if my vision had cleared after being foggy for a long time.

Since this was the first day I'd been out and about for any length of time since I took ill in early March, I'm not so sure that analogy isn't spot on.

I returned home delightfully worn and happily tired by my excursion.

It really was an excellent day.


  1. Ya, it is Spring, even your picture made me sneeze. Ha! Happy Weekend!

  2. It's amazing how sunshine can make you feel. I felt the same way ;) Glad you're feeling better...

  3. Thursday was a great day in my county, too. One of those days to savor for a long time.

  4. Glad you had such a great day Thursday. I look forward to feeling that effervescence again. I've got a bad cold and wouldn't mind if someone would just lop my head off.

  5. I'm so happy you had such a wonderful day! When I have days like that, it buoys me so that I stay up, even if the next day isn't so great.

  6. I'm very pleased to hear you had a nice time. Your photo is beautiful - as they always are here.

    See you again soon.

  7. I am thrilled Spring is here and look forward to all that it promises.

  8. But what's in the box?

    I do remember this day. I love when everything clicks and the weather does seem to effect us all.

    Once when I first moved here and didn't understand that old farmhouses had brick ranches behind them, I stopped to pick flowers at what I thought was an abandoned house and a woman in boots chased me with a rake.


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