Friday, September 25, 2020

Lecture Notes - Something About Paths

Over the summer, I listened to several different podcasts or viewed videos on this subject or that. I came across notes I took from one of those, but unfortunately I didn't write down who did the lecture.

It may have been Martha Beck, Brene Brown, Elizabeth Gilbert, or somebody else altogether. I am leaning toward Martha Beck, but I don't know for sure.

The lecture laid out several paths of a life. We all walk different paths. Sometimes we cross paths, sometimes we walk together along parallel paths, sometimes our paths go in different directions and we never see one another again, sometimes they reconnect years from the point of departure.

As Tolkien said somewhere, people come and go in the telling of a story, and so they do in life.

My notes:

The broken path. Self-compassion, self acceptance. I am assuming this is the path of the person who is at odds with herself. In order to find firmer ground, she needs self-compassion and self acceptance.

The mended path. I took no notes about this. To me it would mean someone who has found a little self-compassion and self acceptance.

The path of fascination. This includes attention without effort, nurturing what interests you, narrowing your focus, and naming the thing you're doing. You need curiosity, compassion, connection, and courage to follow this path.

The path of mystery. This includes augmentation by interest (I'm not quite sure what that means), being sensitive to feedback, and imagining things differently.

Finally, there's the path of truth. I took no notes about this, either.

I suppose if you master the first four paths in some manner, one finds her truth.

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