Saturday, May 23, 2020

Saturday 9: Battle Hymn

Saturday 9: Battle Hymn of the Republic (1963)

Unfamiliar with Judy Garland's rendition of this week's tune? Hear it here.

Memorial Day is the federal holiday designated to honor American service people who died in battle. 

1) On May 30, 1868, President Grant presided over the Memorial Day observance at Arlington National Cemetery. Have you ever visited Arlington Cemetery?

A. No.

2) On Memorial Day, it is customary to fly the flag at half-staff until noon and then raise it to the top of the staff until sunset. Will you be flying the flag at your home this weekend?

A. No. I don't have a flag pole.

3) Memorial Day was originally called Decoration Day, because flowers and ribbons were left on graves of soldiers.  Do you find solace in visiting cemeteries?

A. I like to visit cemeteries to look at the different tombstones and such. I find quiet there. I'm not sure that is the same thing as solace, though.

4) The lyrics to this week's song were written by Julia Ward Howe in 1861. Her inspiration was a White House visit with Abraham Lincoln. In 2020, under normal circumstances, public tours of the White House are available but you must request your ticket in advance from your Member of Congress (House or Senate). When you travel, do you plan your trip weeks before you go? Or do you decide how your days will unfold once you reach your destination?

A. We plan in advance where we're going and then work out the details once we get to our destination.

5) Judy Garland performed this week's song before a live audience as a tribute to President Kennedy, who had been assassinated just weeks before. She knew Kennedy personally and considered this a farewell to a friend. While the performance was difficult for her -- at one point she flubs the lyrics -- she believed it was important, and could perhaps help the country heal. Tell us about a song that reminds you of someone you loved who is no longer with us.

A. Goodbye Norma Jean, by Elton John, reminds me of Marilyn Monroe, and then he rewrote it for the death of Princess Diana.

6) John F. Kennedy served in WWII and was awarded a Navy and Marine Corps medal and a Purple Heart. His brother Joe also served and was awarded the Navy Cross, but he received his citation posthumously, having died during a flying mission over East Suffolk, England. Here at Saturday 9, we consider everyone who serves a hero and want to hear about the veterans and active military members in your life.

A. My father served in Korea but it was after the actual war. My uncle served in Vietnam and my other uncle joined up afterwards but as far as I know he was not in a war. My grandfather served in WWII. I have traced my lineage back to Revolutionary War soldiers.

7) Memorial Day is considered the beginning of the summer season. Will you be enjoying warm weather this weekend?

A. We just had 10 inches of rain in two days. I really hope it is not raining.

8) Berries are especially popular in summer. Which is your favorite: strawberries, blueberries, blackberries or raspberries?

A. Blueberries. Actually, my favorite is a wineberry, which is a type of wild raspberry that grows around here. I don't know if they grow anywhere else. They have a different flavor than a raspberry. They can be hard to find.

9) If you could attend a Memorial Day picnic with any fictional character, which would you choose?

A. Jo March from Little Women.

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  1. Another fan of Jo! She's my favorite fictional character, but I picked someone else this time.
    Ten inches of rain? Ugh. I hope you stay dry, but if our weather heads your way I don't think that will be the case.
    Thank you for your family's service!

  2. I'm excited that you can trace back to the Revolutionary War! I have done that for my father's side of the family, also, it makes that time in history so much more meaningful.

  3. Jo is amazing.

    Loved your song choice, too

  4. Looks like we're going to the same Memorial Day picnic!

    And I'm beyond tired of rain, too. When the sun comes out, I'm like, "Oh,look! That unusual orb has returned to the sky!"

  5. Great song choice! I remember watching Princess Diana's funeral and trying to send good thoughts to Elton John that he wouldn't break down during his performance. (Supposedly, that was what he said he most feared happening.)

  6. I am tired of all of the rain too! Thank-you to your family for their service! Loved your answers! Have a nice weekend.

  7. If you're having Jo at your table, I hope you have plenty of time for talking. I think she would have plenty to say about this day and time.

  8. Little Women is the last movie I watched in the theaters. I remember reading the book as a child. I think I will try to get the book for my grand daughter. So cool about your families military history.

  9. The cemetery where my parents are buried goes back to the early 1700s and where my grandparents are buried isthe same one as where PT Barnum and Tom Thumb are buried.


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