Saturday, April 04, 2020

Saturday 9: Could've Been

Saturday 9: Could've Been (1987)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) This wistful song is about a love affair that ended. What song reminds you of a long-ago love?

A. I can't think of one. "Longer Than," by Dan Folgerberg, is the song I share with my husband.

2) It was written by Lois Blaisch, a singer-songwriter who performs at clubs around Los Angeles and has sung outdoors at Disneyland. Would you prefer to attend a concert indoors, or outside under the stars?

A. Indoors, but only because of my allergies, and even indoors is bad because everyone wears perform or Axe deodorant.

3) This week's featured artist, Tiffany, appeared on the TV talent show Star Search when she was just 14. She came in second. Though she was disappointed, she admits she learned from it. She studied the singer who won and says it made her a better performer. Can you recall a time when you weathered a tough time and came through stronger?

A. When my husband I were attempting to have children, I went through many surgeries and a lot of agony and tears. It took years but in the end I think I am stronger for having suffered through all of that. However, it is not something I would wish on anyone.

4) Early in her career, she toured Alaska, opening for country legend George Jones. Have you ever visited our 50th state?

A. I have not.

5) Tiffany provided the voice of Judy Jetson in 1990's Jetsons: The Movie. Which cartoon did you enjoy more: the space-age Jetsons or the pre-historic Flintstones?

A. I like them both.

6) In 2007, she appeared on VH1's Celebrity Fit Club and lost 28 lbs. Are you making an effort to stay fit during this stay-at-home period?

A. Not exactly.

7) In 1987, when this song was popular, Aretha Franklin became the first woman inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. What's your favorite Aretha song?


8) Also in 1987, third-generation race car driver Marco Andretti was born. Are you a race fan?

A. My husband is a racing fan, which makes me one by default. He is more into NASCAR, though.

9) Random question: Do you find it easy to sit still, or are you fidgety?

A. It depends on what I'm doing. If I am reading a book, I can be very still. If I am trying to work on the bookkeeping for the farm or my writing business, I am fidgety because I don't like doing it.

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  1. #9 -- I don't fidget when I read, either. Usually I fidget when I'm listening -- in church or in meetings or at the movies. I wonder what it means that I don't fidget when I read.

  2. I hate AXE! The boys on the school bus used to bathe in the stuff and it just killed me. Even my hubby when he spritzes cologne...those first 10 minutes or so after the spray, it feels like I'm breathing acid. It literally burns in my sinuses.

  3. "Longer Than" is a timeless favorite. Son and DIL had that played during their wedding; I recall my little old mother sitting in the pew with tears streaming down her face.

  4. We are right at the peak of maple pollen season and my nose is running and I'm sneezing so I pop a antihistamine pill before I go grocery shopping so everyone doesn't think that I have "the virus"

  5. You answer to #2 actually made me laugh out loud! It is so true! GROSS!! Loved your answers! Have a nice weekend.

  6. I didn't realize I knew 'Longer Than" until I went and listened to it. Beautiful. I've also never heard of AXE deodorant. I guess I"m lucky.

  7. My very feminine daughter went through a period in middle school where she thought Axe was so cool she started wearing it herself.

  8. Ugh--Axe--luckily the boys at school have moved on from it for the most part. There were a few years it was hard to tolerate.


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