Sunday, December 08, 2019

Sunday Stealing

I am awfully sick. I went to bed last night at 7:30 p.m. and will be heading back there soon. If I don't make visits, that is why.

Sunday Stealing

1. What don’t you share?

A. My toothbrush.

2. What is a reason to celebrate?

A. A raise, an accomplishment, getting up another day.

3. Describe where you are now.

A. I'm in my office in front of my computer, answering these questions. The walls are off white in color, lots of books are visible, as are cameras and two guitars. Out the window I see a stand of oak trees and further away I can now see the "shed" where my husband hangs out, since we had to cut down the blue spruce.

4. What is a dream that seems impossible?

A. Sending a person out of the galaxy in my lifetime. I think it will happen eventually, but it is centuries away.

5. What is something you hope for?

A. I hope for better health.

6. What is a tradition that makes you feel at home?

A. Getting a hug.

7. Who are the people who make your life better?

A. My husband, my brother, my friends.

8. Name someone you’d like to meet.

A. That could be a long list, since it doesn't say living or dead. I shall go with living, and say Elizabeth Warren.

9. What is a silly thing you’d really like?

A. Tie dye t-shirts.

10. Name a book from your childhood.

A. Miss Osborne the Mop. It was one of my favorite books. It was a Scholastic book and it was about a mop that came to life and had all sorts of adventures with two children. It isn't available anymore except as used.

11. Name something you’re still not sure about.

A. How a tiny little brownie turns into 15 pounds.

12. What is the best dessert to share with friends?

A. Any of them, really. But cookies are good. Or fudge. Or brownies.

13. Name a story that captures your imagination.

A. Laini Taylor's Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy has proved interesting. Or at least the first book has. I haven't read the other two.

14. Name some memories beside a fireplace.

A. I don't really have any. We always had a fireplace when I was growing up but it was something that was a chore. It wasn't a place where you sat to make memories. It was heat.

15. How do you spend a rainy day?

A. Cleaning up the house and reading a book.

I encourage you to visit other participants in Sunday Stealing posts and leave a comment. Cheers to all us thieves who love memes, however we come by them.


  1. Sorry you're sick...and thanks for making the effort to answwer Sunday Stealing anyway! I hope you are better today.

  2. Hope you feel much better soon!

    You're the second person to mention Daughter of Smoke & Bone to me this weekend.

  3. The brownie remark made me laugh so much! I sure hope you get well quickly. Take good care.

  4. Why didn't I think of a toothbrush, because if you use my is now your toothbrush. Ick. Take care of yourself and feel better soon!

  5. I like your dream about sending somebody out of the Galaxy. If I ever come across a time machine, I'll check for you.




  6. Get well CountryDew! Sorry you are sick! Sending {{{{{{Healing Vibes}}}}}}


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