Saturday, August 24, 2019

Saturday 9: No One's Here to Sleep

Saturday 9: No One's Here to Sleep

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Here it here.

1) This song is the theme of How to Get Away with Murder, the legal drama that premiered in 2014 and airs on Thursday nights. Are you a fan?

A. I have never seen this show. This should not surprise regular readers, who know I do not watch a lot of TV.

2) The song's refrain says, "I'll never catch up with you." Behind the wheel, do you carefully observe the speed limit? Or do you have a lead foot, making it hard for anyone to catch up with you?

A. I used to have a lead foot, but now I'm older and I don't go *too much* over the speed limit.

3) How to Get Away with Murder is about Annalise Keating, a law professor at a top Philadelphia university. She has a reputation for being tough, demanding and able to turn her students into successful defense attorneys. Tell us about a teacher who helped prepare you for life after graduation.

A. I had several teachers who were instrumental in my success, many of whom I have written about here. I think I will tell you this time about Jeanne Larsen, my English professor at Hollins. I took as many classes under her as I could, beginning with Freshman Poetry (or something like that, I'd have to look at my transcripts). Jeanne was a wonderful teacher, very perceptive, and encouraging. She was incredibly nice to her students and I think I only saw her somewhat angry once in all the years I had a class with her. She helped me to see that I did have a writing talent and wasn't simply mediocre. I have always thought I disappointed her, though, by not applying myself to poetry or novels and instead venturing into news writing.

4) The students she feels show the most promise -- and are recruited to help her solve murders -- are known as The Keating Four. Did you ever sense that you were your teacher's favorite?

A. Yes. I generally was the teacher's favorite, especially in elementary, intermediate, and high school. I was a straight A student. I wasn't the teacher's pet in something like biology or gym, but I usually was in English.

5) Viola Davis was just nominated for an Emmy for playing Professor Keating. Ms. Davis was born on a farm in SC. Have you spent more of your life in a rural, suburban or urban setting?

A. Rural.

6) Next to Annalise Keating, Viola Davis is best known for her Oscar-nominated role as Aibileen in the movie, The Help. Have you seen it?

A. I have. The book was better than the movie.

7) In 2014, the year How to Get Away with Murder premiered, we lost two famous comedians: Robin Williams and Joan Rivers. Who was the last person to make you laugh out loud? (This means actually, literally laughing out loud, not just keystroking LOL.)

A. I had a phone conversation earlier today with the editor of my local paper, and I called something going on in the county a "clusterfuck" and she wanted to know if she could quote me on that.

8) The 2014 Olympics were held in Sochi. Have you ever been to Russia? If not, is it a dream destination of yours?

A. I have never been to Russia and it's never been high on my list of destinations.

9) Random question: The sign on the railing says, "Wet Paint." Do you touch the railing to see if it's really wet?

A. If I'm just walking by, no. If I want to stop and look over the railing at something, yes.


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  1. The first season of this TV show was good; after that to quote you, it became a “ Clusterfuck”

  2. “Clusterfuck” I would love to say during a TV interview!

  3. I guess I'm alone in not really loving "The Help." The book had some very sloppy editing errors, which always annoy me, and the Hilly character seemed a little over the top. While I love Emma Stone and would watch her read the phone book, I wasn't in love with the movie, either. (Of course, the book was a national sensation and the movie was an Oscar winner, so it's probably just me.)

  4. Are we to surmise the editor waws just being facetious or was she serious... sometimes in their things Im never sure!?!

  5. Sometimes, clusterfuck is absolutely the most perfect word ever. Thanks for making me really LOL today! Have a great weekend :)

  6. I'm always afraid I'll say something like "clusterfuck" when I'm talking to my classes. I've toned down my language a lot since becoming a teacher. ;)

  7. Was the editor being serious? Its an ordeal to get to Russia. My daughter had to send the Russian Embassy her passport for a visa, get a background check and you need a Russian to invite you to come!

  8. Things must be different traveling to Russia now. We went about 15? years ago and I rememberwe had to send our passport to geta visa, but none of the other stuff. I wonder how you would have been quoted for "clusterfuck". Surely the use of asterisks!

  9. I haven't seen this series either. It sounds interesting but I don't like to get involved with too many one-hour dramas. I didn't think I'd like The Help movie so I saw it several years after it came out. I'm more inclined now to read the novel.
    It's never too late to write poetry and fiction again, if you're so inclined. That's what I tell myself. I'm not there yet though.


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