Wednesday, July 17, 2019

The Trio

I took these with my iPhone, which, I must say, seems to be taking worse photos than ever since an update. I wish these companies would leave well enough alone. I probably have some setting on the camera incorrect now and haven't had time to fiddle with it. So these are not the best.

We ran across these three fawns in my father's driveway the other night. There were two does nearby, though they ran and hid as we drove up the driveway.


  1. How pretty! We have had a few deer coming into our yard lately. I love to see the little ones.

  2. Outside on my back porch yesterday having breakfast and looking out and thinking (always thinking too much lol! ). A doe with twin fawns came right beside the porch. I didn’t even notice them till I turned to go back inside. That is a good way to start the day... seeing something beautiful in nature. I wanted to share with my mom who loved watching the deers; she would act like a kid on Christmas Day so excited to see them. Made me kinda sad I couldn’t but was still glad I could enjoy.


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