Friday, July 19, 2019

I Don't Live in the Virgin Isles

Today I received a notice from Barnes & Noble that several of the books I'd ordered were cancelled, because I live in the Virgin Isles.

I'm not sure when Virginia picked up and moved to the Virgin Isles, but there you go. I really wanted those books, too.

Note that two of the books have shipped. Apparently someone someplace knows that Virginia is not the Virgin Isles.

In a chat, a B&N customer service rep apologized, blamed "the carrier," and sent me a 15% off coupon for one item. I was told to order again.

I don't want to place another $35 order to get free shipping with B&N. I was trying to use up a gift card.

Not a happy customer. It is no wonder B&N is having problems, if this is their solution. They should have reinstituted the order so I wouldn't have to deal with the shipping fees, etc.

I really want to support B&N, honestly I do. But I can't get around the store at the moment and I just wanted some new things to read. I can download zillions of things on my Kindle for free. I can't do that with my Nook.

Sometimes you just have to throw up your hands and give in, I guess.


  1. B&N should've given you the books for free. I wonder why they don't deliver to Virgin Isles. They read there, too. Does your library have a program called Zip Books? If I can't find a book in my local library, the library will purchase a copy online and have the book sent directly to my home. When I return it, the library decides to keep it, sell it, or donate it to the Friends of the Library.

  2. I live in Wisconsin. Postal code WI. Not the West Indies.

  3. If you tell me what you would like I will be glad to got to the library or B&N for you ... no postage necessary! Lol!

  4. Sometimes I wonder about the P.O. I had a letter I'd written to someone in Europe returned for a bad address...but it was returned by the US post office. Nobody thought to send the letter to another country. We tried sending it again and it went through the second time.


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