Wednesday, June 12, 2019

The Artemis Journal Launch

I don't know how other literary magazines present themselves to the world, but the Artemis journal has a "launch" at the Taubman Museum, which is in Roanoke City.

Friday night they had this launch, and several poets read their poems. They were accompanied by classical music and by ballet dancers interpreting their words.

It was rather beautiful, actually.

Here we are for our big night on the town.

This was an interpretation of a poem about baking bread.

This was an interpretation of a found poem, a memorial to the poet, who passed away.

The poet readers with their dancers.

I can't remember what this dancer was interpreting.

Unfortunately, I did not get names. I was there to enjoy, not report.

My iPhone does not serve the functions I need it for at various events. I've discovered while trying to use it at supervisors' meetings, at my niece's dance recital, and now at this event, that it simply does not replace a decent camera. I have older cameras that would have taken better photos than these. I think the iPhone camera actually tries to do too much - and you end up with less. It is okay if that is all I have on me, as I did this night, but honestly I am not impressed with the photos. I was when I first purchased the phone, but after a few software upgrades, in my opinion Apple has made the process of taking a decent photo worse.

The event was very well attended, especially for a Friday night with downpouring rain.  I saw several people I know and who I hadn't seen for a long time. I used to attend these kinds of events more regularly but I haven't been to readings for many years. Hollins offers all sorts of cultural activities free to the public but because of my health I haven't been for some time. The campus is difficult to reach and while it is doable, I have to really want to go to something to get there.

Downtown Roanoke is also not my favorite place to go. I think this was the first time I'd been downtown in several years. I was surprised at how busy it was as I can remember when downtown was a ghost town after hours, for the most part. The place is full of bars and eateries now; not my scene, really. I'd rather be home with a book.

I think, though, I probably need to try to attend more of the readings at Hollins again. That's a nice goal, to feel well enough to do that. I enjoyed this event and I am glad we went.

And I really appreciate the fact that my husband went with me.

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